40th Anniversary of Bujinkan in Israel

Eilat Red Sea Tai-Kai


We are celebrating this December the 40th anniversary of Bujinkan in Israel, which started in 1974 when our teacher Doron Navon returned from his 8 years stay in Japan. 



 Thursday, December 4th till Saturday, December 6th.



 Dekel Beach, Eilat



Eilat offers a veriety of accommodations in convenient winter prices. Those interested can camp on the beach free of charge. 



Kosher Dinners on Thursday and Friday are included. During training hours refreshments and cold water will be available. You can purchase food and beverages at the beach restaurant in reduced prices for the participants.



Official training sessions will be 

Thursday evening from 18:00 till 22:00, 

Friday from 09:00 till 17:00

Saturday from 9:00 till 14:00.


The teachers

The lessons will be taught by the senior teachers in Israel, This is to ensure the widest verity of attitude and understanding, of accumulated hundreds of years of training. This is a one time opportunity to get acquainted to different approaches and taste from 40 years of group experience, and personal experience of the most versatile Martial Art.



The Tai-Kai is open to all the students, past and present, novices and experienced, beginners and highest ranks. You are all invited to learn and teach, enjoy yourselves and experience the special spirit of Bujinkan family in the world and in Israel in particular.

Those who wish to teach are invited to contact Udi Zaga, the teacher's coordinator in the Tai-Kai.